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Ethnobotanical.info is a website dedicated to the dissemination of plant knowledge. It's my belief that the future of humanity lies in cultivating a more intimate communion with the natural world.

During the last few centuries, much of humanity has forgotten how to live with nature. With the advent of the Internet and a growing body of research available to anyone, there is hope that we can regain the knowledge we have lost and harmonize our lives. While there are many great books and websites, much of this information has been broken down into disciplines and spread across multiple sources. My aim with this site has been to bring these sources together for a single, more comprehensive examination of each plant. By analyzing traits of similar species and uses in various parts of the world, it may be possible to rediscover uses for some plant species. This work is far from complete and should not be considered a thorough examination of any plant.

For Questions or comments please mailto: admin@ethnobotanical.info

The information presented on this site is provided for educational purposes. Self diagnosis and treatment, without due diligence, could be harmful and is not encouraged. Some information & images may be copyright. Every effort has been made to present the information in the spirit with which it was originally presented. Some data has been omitted for legal and/or practical consideration. There is some data not covered in the scope of this project, including, but not limited to, cell culture and large-dose animal studies. I have made comparisons and links between related species which may later prove erroneous. I have not verified the information for accuracy and I accept no responsibility for its authenticity. Many of the plants presented are poisonous, have poisonous properties, or could cause illness through misuse, allergic reaction, drug interactions and environmental contaminants. Please use caution and mindfulness when harvesting plants for any use.

Page last modified on 12-09-2016